Who are Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno?

Zeus Collins Arellano is a 29 year old actor while Chienna Filomeno  is a 25 year old from same profession.

Both celebrities are very popular among public and are widely followed by fans from all over the world due to their unique physique and beauty.

They both are also very popular on the Internet and social media platforms and a very large number of netizens follow them everywhere.

Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno Viral Video:

Over the past day, Both Collins and Chenna are trending widely on social media giants like Facebook, Reddit and Instagram due to their latest scandal video which got le@k god knows how.

Overnight, the two names became the most searched names on the internet and people are rushing to find out more about the topic.

Many people have already watched the le@ked video and are busy sharing it with their friends. While a lot of them are still searching for the original video and due to sens0rship it’s hard to find the clear cut video on any website.

But look no further, we are going to provide you with the clear cut uncens0red full video which is most searched right now at the end of this article.

What’s inside Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno Le@ked Video?

The le@ked video is quite a bit long and extends upto few minutes. In the beginning of the video, the two actors can be seen driving their car into a parking space.

After driving for few seconds and finding the space to park their car, they put their car right between a truck and SUV.

The video continues with Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno doing int!macy with each other right there on the spot in the car. The car door are not open and whatever they’re doing is being done inside the car.

The video is being recorded from a CCTV camera which was present in the parking lot. The scene was captured by this CCTV camera but nobody knows how it got le@ked.

Maybe the person in charge of the CCTV was responsible? We can’t say for sure but a proper investigation could be required to find that out.

Both celebrities can be seen doing adu!t stuff in the car for few minutes but because it was shot from top-side view by a CCTV, the faces are not easy to see and the whole scene seems unclear.

Chie Filomeno Threatened on Instagram Over the Le@ked Video:

An anonymous person tried to take advantage of the whole sc@ndal on Instagram and tried to thre@t Chienna to launch the video by hashtagging Zeus.

The anonymous user demanded price for his blackmailing claiming they had watched the whole activity in car parking.

“Kita naming lahat sa CCTV ng ABSCBN. Sue me for this and I will show the CCTV footage. Dare me,”.

However the accusations were denied by Chie and neither Zeus has said anything on the sc@ndal.

Fans Coming to the Rescue of Chienna Filomeno:

As usual, her fans weren’t taking any bully!ng of their beloved actress. So they quickly get onto Instagram and went after the anonymous person who tried to thre@t Chie and Zeus. Chienna was impressed by the positive support shown to her by her fans even at the time of sc@ndal.

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