Twitter has been going wild over a video that convinced many people that Zendaya was beaten up after being involved in a fight.

In the video, one can see a girl beating another violently. It is unclear why the fight started. However, one of the girls, who some believe could be Zendaya, was seen sitting on the floor trying to cover and dodge the attacks.

As the video continues, the video happens to show the face of the girl who was being beaten up for a split second.

There is also a screenshot of the same going around. The resemblance between the girl and Zendaya has many convinced that it is the actress herself.


If you look at the video closely, you would notice that the girl, who people think is Zendaya, is also wearing a band on her ankle that looks a lot like an ankle bracelet. However, it is hard to confirm this given that the video is blurry.

Nonetheless, the girl just happens to have a small resemblance to the Spiderman actress. In reality, it is someone else.

Stay Tuned for more information.

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