Yailin La Mas could not hide her disagreement and discouragement after the fierce attacks during the live broadcast. To make matters worse, Enuelle was talking to someone else and he mentioned “La Bichota“, which caused Yailin to burst into tears.

After her breakup with Carol G about a year ago, Enol AA has already captured her heart with Yailin La Mas Viral. Until a few months ago, she was unknown to many people, but after her pairing with reggaeton fans, fans did not take their eyes off her, especially Kroll.

Apparently, Yailin had been severely attacked during the recent live broadcasts, and if on other occasions she herself had been responsible for silencing the haters, this time she could not bear it and showed signs of incompatibility and discouragement.

The couple made it live via Enville’s Instagram account, and it was fans of the artist who did not stop criticizing Yailin, you can also see how she looked on the other side so that she would not see the “ultimate” emojis. What they sent him.

To make matters worse, Enol was talking to someone who was not visible on camera, and in one part of the conversation, the friend did not mention anything more than “La Bichota”, which is why Yailin burst into tears. Internauts what they thought.

Although Anuel was very happy with Yailin on his legs and did not stop showing her affection, she only could not hide her bad face in the rest of the live.


On the other hand, the couple made headlines a few days ago due to the apparent new state of their sentimental history, since they would have already married.

The singer would have proposed to her and the evidence was a large ring that Yailin wore in a video posted on her networks. But what fueled the rumor was another publication that Anuel made in which he refers to Yailin as his “wife”.

The post reads: “I love you my wife. Thank you for coming into my life and saving me from myself, my girl”, and ends with “Come and give your husband a kiss and a hug”.

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