The details of the incident at the Moscow fitness club, where the guard opened fire at Bagdat Dyusembaev. MMA star fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev was allegedly SHOT in Moscow at a fitness Centre over a conflict with security guard. Bagdat Dyusembaev was rushed to hospital after being shot in chest few hours ago.

MMA star Bagdad dyusembaev received gunshot at Moscow fitness club.

According to Russian news agency Tass, the Kazakhstani middleweight was involved in a ‘conflict with a security guard’ at the gym.


A police statement to Tass read: “The day earlier, across Ordzhonikidze Street, house 10a, MMA fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev received a gunshot resulted a wound in the chest over a conflict with a security guard of a fitness club.

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