Akbar v and Cardio b Leaked Video:

The recent feud between the rappers Akbar v and cardio b doesn’t seem to hit a stop sign as the two stars continue to throw online bombs at each other.

Akbar v and cardio b have been going back and fourth with each other online. This feud has gotten a lot of attention from the twitter users as well.

Akbar v and Cardio b Leaked Video Background:

The fight started when Akbar v called out cardio b on a professional issue related to rap. She said that cardio b wants to be queen of rap so bad but never wrote a song.

In reply to this, cardio b posted a leaked video featuring Akbar v. It apparently contained s€xual and expl!cit content of Akbar v.

Akbar v responded by saying that cardi b has hit low and that she shouldn’t drag personal life in the issue. They both have families and kids. Akbar is apparently a mother of 5 kids but has custody of none as of yet.

Akbar v and Cardio b Leaked Video:

People have been desperately searching Akbar v leaked video. It’s not easier to find but we will provide you with everything you need.

The leaked s€x video is assumingly of Akbar v with her ex. The video was leaked for the first time when she broke up with her ex.

We will post the original video soon here.

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