Another scandal has been making rounds on the internet due to it’s sensitivity. People have been searching about Yung Garry’s new le@ked se* t@pe on the internet and social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Yung Garry is normally known as a rapper and entertainer, but this time he ignited another fire on the internet which Twitter hasn’t been able to extinguish so far.

His video was leaked with a white girl. He is seen making 0ut with her and bl0wing her from beh!nd very passi0nately.

The scene shocked the netizens and Yung garry’s fans who are now searching everywhere for the original video.

X_bot_x2 on Twitter | Jaysometimez viral video on Twitter:

The original video was le@ked and posted by the profile who goes by the name @Bartholomew0794 on Twitter. The profile was stormed by the netizens after that and he gained a lot of fame.

However, now the video has also been posted by the profile Jaysometimes or X_bot_x2 on Twitter.

Since then, this profile has also become an attraction to the netizens and they’re rushing towards this profile in order to watch Yung Garry viral video.

X_bot_x2 is generally known for posting super NSWF content on his Twitter profile.

That is why he has gained a lot of followers and has attracted many people to come and visit his profile page.

The profile Jaysometimez has only been created in July 2022 and has been known for posting NSFW content.

It is pretty evident that this profile was created for the purpose of similar attractive videos for the youth.

For now, this profile has caught the eyes of internet and is trending heavily. It has become one of the most searched names and keywords on Twitter.

People are very curious about the content on x_bot_x2 profile now and this profile has become a limelight of users overnight.

So far, the identity and person behind the profile x_bot_x2 or Jaysometimez hasn’t been revealed yet.

It would be before time to say if the person behind x_bot_x2 or Jaysometimez is planning to reveal their face or identity anytime soon.

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Stay tuned for more updates.

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