Vinicius, from Ceará, announced as a participant in the BBB 22, went from less than 100k followers on Instagram to more than 2 million. He is trying his hand at a digital influencer career with humor videos. The “Low Income Influencer” went viral on the internet after having a video shared by Tirulipa.

Vinicius BBB 22 Instagram
Vinicius BBB 22 hits 2 million followers on Instagram

Vinicius BBB 22 Instagram details

This was the case of Vinicius, from Ceará. confirmed in the popcorn group, On 14 January 2020, the young man was the first of the anonymous of the program to reach the mark of more than 2 million followers, after being announced as a participant in the BBB 22.

Who is Vinicius BBB 22

Vinícius bbb 22 is 23 years old and was born in Crato, Ceará. He lives with his father, maternal grandmother and aunt in a family pension. He has a degree in law, but does not intend to become a lawyer.

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