Twitter user @SpookyD0 was posted a viral video on twitter. Spookyd0 was shared a video of a girl sh0ots her cousin in live streaming on Instagram. Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey were from St Louis, Missouri. Paris and Kuaron were making a video in a washroom in the mirror. Paris Harvey accidentally shot her cousin.

We will discuss about who is SpookyD0 and why SpookyD0 video went viral on the twitter?

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who is spookyd0?

Spookyd0 is a twitter user. He made a twitter account on december 2021. Recently, he was posted a video of a girl shoots her cousin. Now, @spookyd0 trending on twitter.

image source twitter

SpookyD0 Twitter video

A Girl Accidentally Shot Her Cousin the video was posted by Twitter user @spookyD0. The video shows that Paris and Kuaron were playing with the gun while making a video in the mirror incident the bathroom when the gun accidentally was fired. Paris Harvey accidentally fatally shot her cousin and then killed herself. They were both dead.

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