Who is revy_55 on twitter?

image source: Twitter

revy_55 Twitter page was made in January 2019.The twitter page is getting noteable for posting NSFW pictures and videos.After sharing “Maggots” viral videos this page is getting grow fast.revy_55 twitter account is hosted by a boy who’s posting NSFW materials daily on his twitter page.

revy_ 55 viral “Maggots” twitter video:

This video is going viral on twitter.Lots of Twitter user searching for this video.This video is not viewable so we are not posting this video here.

The controversial video uploaded by Twitter user revy_55 is viral now. The video is purely adult and recommended only for grown up ones.

Twitter users reacted “Maggots” video after watching it on Twitter:

One person wrote ” i should’ve mind my business….good night😂😂

Another user wrote “i was literally about to go to sleep”

Someone reacts ” bro i can’t close my mouth, i should of really listened n not have watched it”.

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