Who is Rainboww_ex on Twitter?

Social media is a great tool for sharing of information and content in this modern wave of technology. It doesn’t take much time for something to make headlines on the internet.

That includes news, music, entertainment, celebrity interviews and what not. However, the invention of social media and it’s access to every user ensured another dark fact: the spread of spam, inappropriate, adult content and censorship violation.

Social media giants like Meta and Twitter are working to overcome these issues but who can keep an eye on every person in the world?

A similar case caught the internet by storm in which a Twitter user who goes by the name Rainboww_ex started sharing extremely !nappropriate and expl!cit videos on his page.

The videos are not just se*ually expl!cit but extremely…and we mean REALLY EXTREMELY disturbing. We advise people with weak hearts to stay away from this account.

But if you think you are build to handle a whole another level of creepiness, then keep reading the article.

Rainboww_ex Content and Videos:

The Twitter account has written “LGBTQ” in her BIO along with the number “24” which one can assume is the age of the user.

The account is full of very b!zzare and grues0me content alongside p0rnographic material. If we just speak about average content on her page, it’s n*de girls with artificial d!cks, vibrat0rs of all sorts and sizes etc.

However, just these videos were not responsible for the amount of attention the account got. The reason is way more gruesome so let’s talk about videos which made her viral.

Rainboww_ex Latest Viral Video:

In her most recent video which was published on Twitter on 21st of March, well it’s hard to explain but it’s something which is going to make you jump out of your bed and get shivers all over your body.

A person’s hand can be seen doing a j0b on an @ssh0le. He seems to pulling something out of the hole. And to your surprise, it’s a d@mn p!pe.

The guy LITERALLY pulls out about 2 meters plus in length pipe which is folded and completely immersed inside the pers0n’s bu!t. It is pulled out slowly. The b*tt of the victim is also covered with strange pins like clips which seem to be very sharp.

Many Twitter users rushed to see this video immediately and upto this day it has received many views. A lot of users who haven’t watched the video yet are still heading over to the page.

Rainboww_ex Other Viral Videos:

Well this wasn’t the only video which can knock your senses out of your head. In her another video, a very inhuman activity could be observed. A guy’s pen!s was literally being cut into small pieces by someone with a sharp material like a knife. Although the video seemed edited but it still looks a lot real.

Twitter users have found her page very disturbing and there have already been a large number odd reports submitted to Twitter Incorporation.

But so far Twitter administration seems to be taking no action against the profile or closing it. Even though a few of her videos have been taken down by Twitter but her account is still there, including the most recent “p!pe in the b*tt” video.

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