Who is Michael Todd?

Michael Todd

Michael Todd was born on 16 November 1986 in Oklahoma, United States.

Pastor Michael Todd is an American pastor and author, serving as the Lead Pastor at the Transformation Church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mike Todd Family Photo

Pastor Michael is married to his wife Natalie Todd on June 20, 2010. Natalie serves as a co-pastor at Transformation Church.Michael Todd has three children; two daughters Isabella Todd and Ava Rae, and a son Michael Alexander Todd Jr.

Michael is the lead pastor of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was appointed as senior pastor by Bishop Gary McIntosh on February 2015. His wife Natalie is the co-lead pastor at the Church.

Mike Todd rubs his spit on man’s face during Sermons

During a Sermon, Mike Todd spits in his hand multiple times, then rubs it all over the face of man.

Mike Todd rubs his spit on man face

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