Who is Marco Calzati?

Marco Calzati is a 21-year old Brazilian internet superstar who is famous for attracting a particular category of fans towards him. The fans are mostly females. Reason is his attractive physique and mouth watering photos of his body he shares on the internet. He is currently running a YouTube Channel having the name Denis Desio.

Marco Calzati Sc@ndal:

Ladies are majorly influenced by Marco Calzati’s internet activities and they eagerly wait for the arrival of his new content.

Seeing the popularity  his expl!cit photos and videos were gaining, some fans made fake accounts by his name and started to spread h0t photos and video clips of Marco Calzati through those pages. The pages gained more attention than expected and completely blowed the internet away.

The attention was to the extent that Marco Calzati himself got an idea of creating a fans only account where he would share private photos and adu!t content.

This idea was a massive success and immediately Calzati found himself standing in the way of another huge storm of incoming fans and fame. The account wasn’t public so only the allowed people or in other words VIP members could get access to his premium content.

Marco Calzati Sc@ndal Explained:

However, things got a little out of hands when few users saved the premium content they received upon getting the membership and shared it on the social media websites.

This shook the internet and the whole community of netizens was left in shock. People began to troll him for leaking his own private content merely for some fame and fan following. Marco Calzati is under huge criticism as we write this article. He is faced with an immense wave of mocking and online bullying.

So far no official statement from Marco Calzati has come on the scene. But we will update you as soon as anything happens. Keep following our website for more spicy content.

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