In today’s world, social media is a vital tool used for sharing information and news. It’s a very revolutionary platform because unlike electronic media and print media it has enabled the general public and every layman to share their views and opinions to pretty much the whole world. While it is certainly a great invention it also comes with its cons. One of which is some people use it for spreading spam and disinformation online. It has been used in online frauds and also to reveal confidential data.

Recently, a Twitter user Johnsteve69lol is becoming popular for the video he js regularly posting on Twitter and people are rushing to watch Johnsteve69lol Twitter videos and are reacting over them.

Who’s Jhonsteve69lol on Twitter?

Jhonsteve69lol is another profile that has been going viral on Twitter and Reddit due to its explicit content. The account is mainly known for sharing inappropriate content which is legally confidential or paid in public.

Image source Twitter.

It generally contains adult videos that seem to be taken from premium membership of adult websites. Since getting viral the page is being searched by many social media users.

Even though some people may find it amusing, many people are not too pleased with the page and want Twitter to shut it down. The Reason is the inappropriate content that is being shared on this account and without any doubt, many volatile minds including kids can watch it.

What’s the latest word on Jhonsteve69lol?

The account has been posting many videos. However, it seems to delete a few of them after some time. Even though it’s not certain why he deletes it later but a common assumption can be trying to avoid copyright strikes. Despite this, the page has still gained a lot of attention from users. Even though many Twitter users have been reporting to take the profile down we’ve seen no reaction so far from Twitter.

Why you should stay away from this account and similar others?

While such spam profiles can offer a bit of enjoyment to adults and some just like to make memes on it and share with friends, people generally don’t realize it’s dangerous.

According to researchers many kids who later go on to become failed adults are pc in addicts in their younghood. It impacts young minds to a very alarming level and with parental control almost getting nonexistent in this modern wave of technology it’s even more dangerous.

We advise the respected readers of this article to not make such profiles viral because that’s what their main objective is. When people visit their profile they achieve their goal of gaining likes and comments.

Jhonsteve69lol wrote on his Twitter, ” will be posting more juicy content tomorrow so keep an eye out for selener,”.

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