While most of us live happily with our families and respect the boundary of parent and child relationship, we don’t realize how evil some of the world is. Crimes are happening that no one could believe and are so horrific that our lips feel ashamed even describing them.

Famous TikToker and onlyfans user @heleninelsson revealed in her recent video that she has been sexu*lly harassed by her father since she was a child. Since she was just 4 years old to be more precise.

Heleninelsson claimed that her father had subscribed to her onlyF account and when she told it to her mother she immediately believed her because she knew of a fake account of her husband.

She said that her father had subscribed to her onlyF channel for a year with 2 different identities. Heleninelsson only knew it when she was asked by her father “to play with myself for 150$ and I could hear my mom calling in the background “.

@heleninelsson explained “it’s not illegal for you (father) to buy your n*des”.

Heleninelsson further accused her father of stalking her through fake Facebook and Snapchat accounts since she was in high school.

“[My father] was s3xually drawn to me from a really younger age. A lot in order that once I was 4 years previous, he would take me to his good friend’s home or to locations he as soon as met. Lady, allow them to contact me.”

She claimed that her father was sexu*lly drawn to and assaulting her since she was 4. She additionally claims that when she was a minor, her father contacted her via a pretend social media account and despatched her footage of his p*nis, asking her to fee the images” for cash”.

The TikToker said her childhood trauma was not handled properly and her mother never knew because she was “out of the circle”.

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