West Elm Caleb, who’s actual name Caleb Hunter has gone viral on TikTok. A number of women have been taking to TikTok, to share their disappointing dates with West Elm Caleb.

The hashtag #WestElmCaleb has been received 23.4 million views on TikTok, with thousands of videos.


A woman named Kell, who goes by the username @kellsbellsbaby on TikTok, claimed she dated him for over 6 weeks and she realized that West Elm Caleb dated ‘every other women’ in New York City. After her video went viral, other women also came forward and shared their experiences.

Who is Caleb Hunter?


Caleb is a 25 year old man. Caleb Hunter based in NYC, who appears to work as a furniture designer for the West Elm brand.

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