With the invention of internet, the world got so much faster than before. Previously people had to wait for hours for news billiton to get all the information and latest how know about their surroundings. However it’s not the case anymore.

Social media has now enabled people to transfer tons of information in another corner of the world in a matter of seconds. So it’s very hard for celebrities infact for everyone to to keep their privacy. While the technology comes with it’s pros, it also has some cons.

Some people use social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to spread false information and spam among the people. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube have been working flawlessly to overcome this major issue and now they have many authenticity algorithms to test the credibility of news.

However, smartness isn’t just limited to the tech giants, hackers have become educated to the same extent so it’s a nonstop battle.

Who is 69dtfn on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube?

 Just like many people who use the wave of technology for malicious purposes, this profile is another trending sensation which is going viral for it’s special content. The account is known to leak photos and videos of superstars unlawfully.

Word is that the account is run by hackers who target high profile personalities and celebrities and bribe them to get compromising images and videos. The account due to it’s explicit content got famous very quickly and in no time it gained tons of followers. It’s a new account on Instagram but gaining fame from the social media users rapidly.

It has already made 600,000 plus followers in only a few days. There are many posts on social media regarding this anonymous figure, however the original profile is being searched by netizens still.

69dtfn leaks confidential celebrity videos and photos:

The profile claims to be run by hackers who blackmail certain females that are unnamed.

Because the profile was spreading spam and potentially threatening many females by leaking their unlawful photos and videos, this profile was taken down by the authorities and banned.

However netizens are still interested in the content and profile of 69dtfn and they’re still searching him all over the internet. The real identity of the person or people behind the account are still unknown and no progress has been made in tracking them yet.

69dtfn leaked viral video of Charlie D’amelio:

As we’ve already told you above about this anonymous figure who got famous by sharing explicit content, we are going to tell you about the ongoing viral video from the account.

The account recently posted a video of a well-known influencer Charlie D’amelio. It is now surfaced online. Charlie and Dixie D’amelio are well known and famous TikTokers and they feature in their videos as sisters. 69dtfn shared a video of a woman being intimidated with a boy who resembles Charlie D’amelio.

Netizens have been sharing and searching this particular video due to it’s resemblance with the Tiktok star and since then 69dtfn has gotten even more fame.

Uptil now, there has been no official response about the new internet hot topic from the TikTok star. Stay tuned for the latest updates and news. We’ll share with you as soon as we receive them.

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