Social media is a place where people can share their life events with the world and it helps interacting with people around one’s self. It has certainly made means of communication and instant transfer of information easier. However, on rare occasions people have even used the platform to show off gruesome acts.

Louisiana Man stabs a woman to death on his Facebook & Instagram live:

A random live streaming on the Internet shocked the viewers and left everyone stunned when a man stabbed a lady brutally to death in his Instagram live which is run by Meta.

Earl Lee Johnson Jr. 35, was clearly seen stabbing his fellow lady, 34-year-old Janice David mercilessly till she finally draws her final breath. Johnson was seen sweating shirtless in a BMW as he accuses the lady sitting besides him of “stealing my s***, get out of the car with drugs”. He then stabs her legs as the woman can be clearly heard in agony pleading multiple times “stop”, “please”.

The victim’s n@ked body was found by Baton Rogue police on Monday night.

Police arrests Johnson:

The video was then immediately reported by a viewer to Meta who later notified the police. It is uncertain how long Meta took to delete the gruesome video from Facebook and Instagram. But now it’s been removed.

The police had apparently already arrested Johnson up until that point but not for the murder of David. He was in custody for theft of a motor car. He was still in the custody when the police came to knew about the murder and they recovered the victim’s bloody body.

According to Sgt. L’Jean Mckneely, The Facebook Live lasted about 15 minutes and appeared after a three or four day “drug binge,”.

“Apparently they were involved in some drug usage together for a couple of days and the end result — as everyone has seen on Facebook Live — is a very gruesome, very evil act,” McKneely says further.

The police confirmed Johnson confessed to “kill someone” after being questioned by the cops.

The culprit is likely to spend somewhere between 30-years to whole life in prison now. But we found out that it wasn’t the first time Johnson became the guest of Jail. He was released only 90-days before the live session after serving 15 years in prison for armed robbery in 2007.

David’s family reaction to the news:

The victim’s family was left shocked and saddened upon the news of David’s brutal murder.

Her cousin Terri Austin called the whole incident “very horrible”.

“She didn’t deserve to die like this… no one does,” Austin said.

She goes further, “I really thought, you know, when they say she died that it would have been a vehicle wreck or something like that. Wouldn’t never dream that someone would do this to her.”

Johnson stabbing David live video:

We know people are curious and would be searching for the original live video.

We are going to save you the trouble. We have keen eyes on the whole seen and will be sharing it as soon as we receive it.

Meta actually immediately removed the video and by now it’s nowhere on the internet. However we’ve gotten reports of the video shown by a news channel and we would try our best to get our hands on that. Stay tuned for more updates.

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