A video is going viral on social media right now. A lot of people have been talking about this video and that’s why it has become a trend. More and more people are searching for the leaker Adam Mika video as they are getting curious about it.

You can find all the necessary information and the original video of Adam Mika here, so keep reading the article.

Who is Adam Mika?

Adam Mika is a young actor from Malaysia. He is quite famous for his acting roles in different positions.

He is 20-year old right now. His net worth however is unknown right.

Adam Mika viral video by zularif2015:

Adam Mika’s name is going viral on the internet right now however for not so good reason. It is certainly not for his acting roles.

You must all be wondering what else happened to make Adam Mika a top searched sensation on the internet.

Well the reason is a leaked video of his childhood. The video is quite disturbing and surprising at the same time.

An account named zularif2015 has shared a video of Adam Mika’s childhood. The video is set be sh0t when he was just 12-year old.

In the le@ked video shared by zularif2015, Adam Mika can be seen playing with his pen!s. The video is sh0t by his own father which is even more surprising.

Who is zularif2015?

zularif2015 is the username of the account which shared this viral video of Adam Mika.

However, not much information is available right now about this person as his account was immediately deleted by Twitter after people reported the viral video of Adam Mika. The person behind this account hasn’t released his identity so far.

Malaysian reaction to Adam Mika leaked video:

Many Malaysians are bashing zularif2015 right now as according to their point of view, the shared video is straight child p0rn0graphy and must be discouraged at all cost.

That’s why many people reported this video and ended up getting zulifar2015 account suspended by Twitter authorities.

However, there are a few people who are even claiming that the boy in the video is not of Adam Mika and it’s someone else who looks similar in looks. However, we leave that to our readers to decide.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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