As much as we have progressed as humans in different walks of life such as sciences, technology, modernisms, etc, there are few dark elements associated with our society that we continuously seem to turn blind eye to.

We try to act as if they’re not a big problem and we are civilized people but pretending doesn’t change the reality. We’re sure many people reading this article must have faced bullying and different kinds of harassment during their high school days.


Kids are shy to talk about it to their parents and teachers and hence this activity doesn’t seem to stop happening with the passage of time.

In America, almost one out of every four students or 22% to be exact students reported bullying in their schools in a 2015 survey. Research says such incidents can leave a life lasting impact on brain and left people traumatized.


Dr. Eugene Beresen says, “We have to empower the bystanders to be more assertive and to fend off the bullies and help the victims. We have to have school policies that have zero tolerance for both physical and online bullying. We also have to have conversations with our kids at home with all of the various forms of bullying and being bullies and being the victim.”

Bullying incident in Wilmington High School:

A similar incident recently occurred in Wilmington high school in Massachusetts which gutted the public. A group of students can be seen dragging their fellow student by force into bathroom to toilet, then picking him up and shoving him head first in the commode.


Many other students can be clearly seen who weren’t among the carrying out of actual physical attack but they stand as bystanders watching the whole incident and laughing while recording the whole scene with their phones instead of trying to help.

This right here is a major blow on the face of society, where are we heading? Crime is one thing, but normalizing the crime and considering it a mean of fun and joy tells us there is something seriously wrong in the ethics.

Police’s take on the incident:

Wilmington Police Department Chief Joseph Desmond said in his statement that they know there are a few videos of the horrific incident.


“There’s a couple of elements to this. There’s the actual act itself and then there’s the bystanders that videotape it and take no action and watch it happen,”

While he admitted that the recorders might not get charges on them but still a disciplinary action could be taken against them by the school for encouraging violence.

He added, “That, you know, may not rise to the level of a crime but clearly we and the school are concerned about that and will probably take action on some of those kids as well.”

He also confirmed that three students have been suspended for ten days from the school amid the viral video.

School authorities speak:

Wilmington Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Brand assured that they will take action against the involved students.

He said, “I assure you that all students who are found culpable will be held fully accountable and appropriate disciplinary and legal action will be taken,” He continues, “We are in the process of scheduling bystander training that will be mandatory for all students.”

Full official statement from superintend Glenn Brand:

“Earlier this week there was a physical altercation that occurred in one of the boys’ bathrooms at the Wilmington High School. As a parent, let alone an educator, I am appalled that some of our students decided to act the way that they did. But what is equally disturbing is the fact that other students were present and did nothing to stop the incident, and in fact recorded the altercation.

“We are actively investigating the incident and have also notified the Wilmington Police, who have launched their own investigation and have our full cooperation. I assure you that all students who are found culpable will be held fully accountable and appropriate disciplinary and legal action will be taken. Meanwhile, conversations with the high school administration and student class officers are already underway, and we are in the process of scheduling bystander training that will be mandatory for all students. We will also hold a series of community conversations for our students, staff, and parents/guardians to ensure that we all continue to work toward our shared goal of providing a safe and supportive environment in our schools.”

Parents felt equally gutted at the horrendous incident.

“I felt so sick to my stomach. It totally just made my stomach turn,” said Mandeep Lane . “That is not acceptable.”

“It’s horrific. It’s just horrific,” Karen Walsh said. “I think we can do better in teaching our kids that bystanding is just as much as a participant as the people who actually did the act.”

The police confirmed that they’ve not yet decided to put any charges on the suspended students or any of the others who surfaced in the leak footage but they’re still discussing within themselves about what possible legal action could be possible.

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