Ashley Lockhart Mother of 6 children stabbed to death.

Ashley Lockhart Stabbed To Death:

A mother of six named Ashley Lockhart was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in West Philadelphia. She reportedly had a PFA against the man during the incident.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, police reported an incident in 54th & Chestnut St., Philadelphia. A woman was repeatedly stabbed to death in broad daylight by a person inside a car. A knife was found at the crime scene.

Ashley Lockhart’s mother of 6 kids.

The grotesque nature of the murder has left the locals in Chestnut Street in shock. Reportedly, the murder weapon, the knife, was still embedded in the victim’s face when the police arrived.

State Rep. Amen Brown informed that Ashley had a current Protection From Abuse (PFA) against her boyfriend. A 34-year-old man, believed to be the person of interest, is reportedly in police custody.

A surveillance camera showed the moment the man believed to be the woman’s boyfriend leaped into the vehicle and appeared to abuse her before stabbing her 16 times all over her body and face.

A CCTV footage from a local shop showed a man entering the gold car and stabbing the woman repeatedly.

According to sources, the crime was so grotesque that the knife was still embedded in the woman’s face when the police arrived. 

RIP to this beautiful mother Ashley Lockhart. Ashley Lockhart reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds to her body and one to her face.

Now six beautiful kids are without their mother. YESTERDAY, a Ashley Lockhart was found stabbed to death and now her children are without mother today. My heart is with all black women, mothers and their children, we are not safe.

That Ashley Lockhart situation is so sad. You can literally see him stabbing her on the video the news posted.

You can see when she stopped fighting for her life. Insecure men are really killing women at an alarming rate.

Allegedly he stabbed her 18 or more times and left the knife in her face. How evil can you be to a woman who gave you 6 beautiful lives? Praying for her family.

According to a state representative who spoke to Fox 29 in a video report, Lockhart lived with her boyfriend just a few blocks from where her corpse was discovered and was subjecting opposition to a protection from abuse order.

That fact remains unknown if the man is the father of each of Lockhart’s six children.

Ashley Lockhart Children:

Ashey Lockhart was a mother of six beautiful daughters. She was an amazing and devoted mother whose life was sadly taken by a cruel person on Saturday.

The girls named Azur’ee, Aivah, Rhlei, Ray’ah, A’layah, and A’lanah-Reign are reportedly 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, and three months old. Ashley used to call her kids “6 Charms” and would do everything she could for their wellbeing.

In her early 30s, Lockhart loved her daughters and made sacrifices for them. Her family is shocked and disbelief that Ashley would meet such a cruel end.

It was informed that the girls were on vacation and would return to school in a few short weeks. The girls won’t get their mother back, but they will get justice.

Police arrested the killer:

Although police did report that a 34-year-old male person of interest was in custody, no charges have been made even though a weapon was found at the site.

This person of interest is thought to be Ashley Lockhart’s lover, who is also the presumed father of her children.

Although Lockhart’s name hasn’t been included in official news sources, the quantity of individuals discussing the tragic incident on social media has made her a current Facebook trend.

GoFundme Campain For Ashley Lockhart’s Six Children After Her Death:

For her six daughters, Ashley Lockhart’s family has established a GoFundMe. The GFM, with a target of $15K, states Ashley Lockhart was tragically and unexpectedly snatched from her six lovely daughters, family, and loved ones on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

Ashley was a wonderful mother who worked hard and was committed to her children. She cared deeply for each of her children, gave all her attention to them, and made sacrifices for them that they will never forget.

We as a family want to keep the girls’ momentum going since it is so tough to comprehend and impossible even to try to move forward in the face of this.

The girls range in age from 10 to 8 to 6 to 5 to 3 months. We shall take care to preserve the unity of the “6 Charms,” as Ashley referred to her girls) and keep the memory of their mother through her life and legacy.

Twitter User’s Reaction over Ashley Lockhart death:

One user wrote, “RIP Ashley Lockhart”.

Another one wrote,”RIP Ashley Lockhart praying for her babies i hope they are able to grow up together,”.

Other’s wrote,” keeping up with that Ashley lockhart story really broke my heart…….6 babies left without a mother man.

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