The fan favorite Belle Delphine’s name is under scorching heat right now on the internet after her latest s€x scandal. One reason or another, the netizens just can’t stop talking about her recent leaks with the YouTuber TwoMad.

While there’s no response so far from neither Delphine nor the YouTuber TwoMad to the ongoing buzz, the social media is giving hilarious reaction to the recent scandal.

The tweets are good enough to make your day. Here are some of the top trending tweets from audience:

One user wrote: ” twomad and belle delphine huh?

Another wrote: ” apparently twoman and belle delphine f**ked…imagine all the simps on suicide watch after realising they were cucked by a dude built like this”.

The internet is still waiting for a word from the two figures who featured in the video. So far there hasn’t been any reply on from the YouTuber TwoMad either. And Delphine as always is still keeping the fans curious.

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