The South African native actor is in limelight again after yet another s€x sc@ndal featuring him made headlines on the internet. It is not the first time for the South African actor and TV host SK Khoza that his name has appeared in a controversy. He has been known for different kind of issues before. That includes quarrels, sc€ndals, fighting with his girlfriend, etc.

SK Khoza Viral s€x video:

SK Khoza became a hot topic and his name became one of the most searched terms on the internet after a video of him which also contained a girl appeared on the internet. Previously, SK Khoza has been involved in similar s€x related scandals. But this time, a proper video has surfaced on the internet which seems like a s€x t@pe.

Watch SK Khoza full video:

The video was shared by Musa Khawula who is an entertainment and celebrity blogger. Soon after the video was shared, it was seen by few fans who quickly started to share it with others.

Soon the video caught the internet off guard and got viral within minutes. The video was shared massively and those who hadn’t watched it yet began to search for it eagerly on different social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Snapchat.

Many people have already watched the video while some are still heading towards their phones in rush to watch the video. We will save you the trouble by sharing it if you haven’t watched yet.

What happened in SK Khoza’s le@ked s€x t*pe?

In the video, the actor can be seen lustfully consuming an attractive young lady. He can be seen e@ting and bit!ng her private parts and enjoying her b0dy passionately.

He very occasionally looks at the camera in the video but is enough to prove that the video was shot by SK Khoza purposefully and that it wasn’t shot without his knowledge.

Both the lady and SK Khoza are n@ked in the video. The girl’s face however isn’t revealed in the video and yet there isn’t much information about who the lady pleasing South African actor was. However, her body and some of her int!mating parts have been revealed in the video.

SK Khoza comments on his new scandal:

SK Khoza has responded to the ongoing fire related to his new video on Twitter. He claimed that the video was for his OnlyFans account and he is chilled about it. Also he doesn’t wants to talk further about it.

Audience were yet again surprised by the fact that SK Khoza would create an OnlyFans account even after being a part of so many s€x controversies.

SK Khoza’s history with scandals and controversies:

As we spoke earlier, this isn’t first time for him. He has been a part of several mishaps like fighting people in public, bullying and s€x issues. In 2020, few clips of him with n@ked girls went viral which led him to be confronted big time and finally he had to issue a public apology to his family.

 “My actions were unacceptable, I beg for forgiveness. I take full responsibility, especially at a time we are faced with a serious pandemic. I should have made better decisions. I need to do better. To everyone I have disappointed and hurt, I am truly sorry,” he said.

“I have put Ferguson Films, my family and Mzansi Magic in a position I totally regret and wish I could take back. My actions were unacceptable and I can only beg for forgiveness.” he added.

Audience reacts to yet another spark of irresponsibility shown by SK Khoza:

Majority of the fans saw this issue as yet another dent on his acting career and thought he has yet again disappointed his family by going this track. Some of the tweets following the viral video are below:

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