A video has been shot by classmates of the student being bullied and shared online.

It shows one student approaching the Indian American boy who is sitting on a bench and demanding that he stand up. When he refuses to give up his seat, the American student gets angry and starts choking him. He presses the boy’s neck from behind with his elbow before choking him and pushing him against his seat.

A 54-second video has caught everyone’s attention on Twitter. Many people saw the video and a lot of tweets were coming for the student. The video has been circulated on multiple platforms and is still trending. In the video, a student was threatening his own classmate.

A Coppell ISD student was held in a chokehold and bullied while other students stood watching in Texas. The video has since gone viral, and parents are demanding justice.

Families of the middle schoolers are sharing their stories on social media. The school district has also since then launched an investigation.

The incident occurred during a lunch break at Coppell Middle School North on May 11. In a video of the same, Shaan Pritmani was seen sitting at a table and was put in a headlock by another student.

Who is Shaan Pritmani?

Shaan Pritmani a high schooler from Coppell Independent School District(ISD) was harassed by his colleague. Shann’s mom has encouraged the school to change its activity by recording an appeal.

Sonika Kukreja, the mom of the bullied Coppell student, was heartbroken after watching the video. She said in a statement:

“It was horrible. I couldn’t sleep for three nights straight. It felt like i was being choked. I cried many times watching it.”

Parents Kamlesh Pritmani and Sonika Kukreja stated that their son received harsh punishment after he was bullied.

He reportedly received a three-day suspension from school while the student who bullied him received a one-day suspension.

Sources suggested that the school was protecting the aggressor as his father Sam Wellington was part of the Coppell Independent School District Board of Trustees.

It was also suggested that Wellington was working with law enforcement to ensure that the incident not receive much attention.

Superintendent of Coppell ISD issued statement:

Superintendent Dr. Brad Hunt issued a statement regarding the matter. However, it failed to acknowledge the specific bullying incident.

“Coppell ISD is aware of the video circulating on social media showing an incident at Coppell Middle School North involving a physical altercation between two students. Bullying, both verbal and physical, as well as physical acts of aggression are never acceptable and do not align with who we are at CISD and our core values.”

A video of the incident has since gone viral on Twitter. Netizens were shocked to see the act of aggression and demanded that strict action must be taken.

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