After SS death, people are writing condolence words for him on social media:

Carlo Florez wrote after SS death:

Flaco. If he had his own tatoo shop then he put himself out there. I listened to him way back. An he spoke on things he shouldn’t have. Well it caught him. I listen to all the channels just to stay informed.

I spent 15 in there starting in the mid 80s. An honestly i stopped listening to him and listened to you an Rojo and gunner.

I want real clarity on what’s happening. I have family in there. But segala disrespected different organisations at time. You know which one the list first. But it caught him.

Wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash. He’s gone. May his family gain peace. After this it ain’t be gonna same. Content will determine what happens next.

Odzee wrote,” Never hated this guy i would watch hus content…he’s the person at the end of the day RIP Savage,”

D Money said,” RIP SS and hang in there Flaco i feel where you coming from and you was just with him,”

MUCH RESPECT. Buenas Noches.

I was not a fan of SS but when i saw him trying to change i had no choice but to respect him, real recognise real.

My prayers and condolences are with SS and his family. I think anyone who had bad impression of savage needs to see this video.

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