Who doesn’t want to look fit? Everybody wants to look nice and presentable infront of everyone and for that purpose people tend to focus a lot on their body nowadays.

More and more people are getting into gym and joining fitness activities. People grind themselves for hours in gym in order to have a nice looking body and muscles while also keeping a protein rich diet alongside.

However, some people over estimate their body’s capability of doing work and they put more work load on it than it is made to do.

That’s when the things can get nasty and a normal day at gym could change into a horrific moment of pain and suffering in a matter of seconds.

Woman dies while trying to lift 405 pounds:

A similar incident took place in February when a woman aged somewhere between 35-40 years tries to lift a weight not designed for her body to handle.

She goes to the Smith Machine and suddenly tries to lift 405 pounds. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hold the weight and it squeezes her neck down to the floor.

A couple of men who were present at the scene tried to become the hero of the incident by trying to immediately lift the weight off her and somehow try saving her.

However, it was way too late as she died in a second soon after her neck got crushed. It seems she broke her neck immediately and didn’t even get a moment to think about how to avoid her fate.

Adding more sadness to the whole scene, her daughter who seems to be in her teenage years was also present with her mom in the gym where she was exercising and all this happened right before her eyes.

Indeed it was a severely traumatizing scene for her to watch. Reports suggests the young girl has been getting psychological sessions to get rid of the trauma. And it’s pretty understandable as many people who watched the video of the incident also had to go through a cringe feeling of their life.

  Gym experts have also been sharing their expertise on what she did wrong at that moment. But apart from all the technicalities, all of them agree that the weight she tried to lift wasn’t meant for her body at first place. She didn’t seem to be a heavyweight lifter.

We advice everyone to know their limits while working out and staying safe. At last but not least, lots of love for the teenage girl and the rest of the family members of the woman. We pray they find peace soon.

Up until now, there have been no details revealed about the victim or her teenage daughter. Nobody knows their name or whereabouts, probably they are kept confidential on purpose by the authorities. Investigation is still going on to further explain the incident and avoid them in future.

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