Mighty Virus Video, Catholic University Scandal Video:

Well the latest hot news on the rounds is that another scandal has just made appearance out of the Catholic University (CU) which is already notorious for it’s different kinds of controversies in the past.

This time it’s about the country famous DJ who goes by the name “Mighty Virus”. He is quite a famous DJ known for music skills on the deck. However, we don’t know how he enrolled or somehow found his way into the hostel rooms of Catholic University.

Mighty Virus leaked s€x t@pes:

The DJ has just done something which is enough to blow away mind of any average reader. The reports are claiming of his Involvement in a sex scandal at the Catholic University.

There are a few very explicit content containing video clips that have been leaked on the social media and the internet. The videos were certainly meant to be for some other purpose and not for the public to see. However, how they got public still remains a mystery.

In the videos, mighty virus can be seen sleeping with many students from the CU in the university premises. It is said that he paid the university students to feature in thr p0rn videos with him. The amount is around K70,000.

The videos were meant to be shot for p0rn industry and reportedly he wanted to sell those videos to p0rn websites which would later earn him not less than K2 million.

Social media reacts to leaked mighty mouse s€x clips:

The internet has given a mixed reaction to the latest scandal. While some people have criticized him for his actions with the students for money, others have asked him to repent before Almighty before it’s too late.

There are people have also made for of his manhood and criticized his performance in bed too.

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