A video clip of Lizbeth Rodriguez, a famous Mexican youtuber is going viral on the internet right now.

It was apparently a leak€d video which was also !ntimate and that’s how it got viral. It was certainly not something to be shared with public but somehow it got.

So now people can’t stop searching for it. Those who have already seen it are also sharing it further with their friends.

Who is Lizbeth Rodriguez?

Lizbeth Rodriguez is a famous Mexican YouTuber who doesn’t need an introduction. She is a famous celebrity who is also known for massive Instagram fan following.

As of now, she has more than 11 million followers. The 28 year old recently completed her 9 million subscribers on YouTube also.

Known for beginning her acting career at merely 16 years or age, Lizbeth Rodriguez has featured in movies like Mukbang, Inner Growth, Exponiendo Infieles, and Exponiendo Soltero.

Lizbeth Rodriguez Leak€d Video Explained

In her leak€d video, she is doing stuff which is not supposed to be seen by audience.

Lizbeth Rodriguez can be seen having fun on her bed in this leaked video. She is n*ked and is making !nappropriate gestures.

The fan favorite’s leak€d video sparked excitement in the audience and they couldn’t resist making it more and more viral.

Who Leaked Lizbeth’s !ntimate Video?

As of now, it is unknown how the video got leaked and who did it.

It was most probably caught by a fan of hers who shared it on the internet and it spread like wild fire.

So far we haven’t seen any comment regarding this clip from the Mexican star.

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