Kelly Bhadie’s name is making rounds on social media after her recent video got le@ked. Kelly Bhadie who goes by the name “Kelly” is a Togolese TikTok star who is famous for making and sharing video clips on social media which can melt any man’s heart.

She is massively followed by male population on TikTok with most of the followers being from Nigeria. She regularly posts twerking videos on her TikTok profile.

She is a stunning young lady with an amazing figure and her videos in hot costumes gave her a massive amount of followers in a matter of few days. This time, she is again trending on the internet but for another reason.

Kelly Bhadie’s le@ked s*x t@pe:

Kelly Bhadie became the most searched keyword on the search engines and social media websites after her alleged s*x t@pe got le@ked. In the video she can be seen enjoying the d!ck of a black guy while being totally nak€d.

The men, who were already shivering from her hot TikTok clips couldn’t control their emotion and began to search for the video. Soon, Kelly’s name was all over the internet and she became a new hot topic. Keep reading to watch and download the original video.

How did the video got leaked?

According to sources, the video was officially le@ked in a WhatsApp chat group. A few people from the chat group started to share the video claiming it was Kelly in it. However, another person in the chat denied it and said it wasn’t her but someone else who looks like Kelly.

Nevertheless, it was enough to spark a storm of audience willing to watch the video in which Kelly was potentially present.

Who is Kelly Bhandie? More information on the Togolese TikTok figure:

Kelly Bhandie is a quite famous figure on the internet who lives in America but according to sources is Togolese.

She is known for sharing Twerking videos on TikTok while wearing hot costumes which change in every clip usually.

The way Kelly twerks puts her s€xy curves on display and hence she receives a healthy amount of applause from male audience.

Reportedly, her followers on TikTok have doubled from the time she started. The Togo national is without a doubt a dance enthusiast.

Her most famous video so far is the one in which she wears a black top and waist beads exposing her well toned belly. She can be seen getting low and twerking in the video. The video got 2 million views.

Stay tuned for more information.

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