You all must be aware of the helicopter crash incident of Kobe Bryant with his daughter. The incident proved to be a huge shock for NBA fans and had them in severe grief.

It was one of the most tragic news and became a top discussed topic back then on the internet and social media giants like Twitter. But now we have a new update regarding the tragedy which happened.

Kobe and Gigi Autopsy:

The autopsy report of Koby Bryant has finally surfaced online and is making rounds on the social media. Indeed it was bound to go viral and become a top trending topic after the row of sadness we witnessed among people when Kobe passed away.

Reports suggest that the autopsy report is not so recent, but it has been leaked or in other words posted in public by an unknown person.

Immediately it created a buzz on the internet and NBA fans rushed to see the autopsy report of their favorite player themselves. Many people have reposted it now and hence it can be found at various sources now.

Kobe and Gigi Autopsy Explained:

However, we strictly advice that if you’re a weak hearted person, too emotional or was one way or another too much attached to Kobe Bryant as a player.

We strongly recommend you to stop right here and don’t reveal the details of the autopsy to yourself. It is indeed very depressing and hard to see.
But if you think you’re tough and have made your mind then here are the details.

Kobe Bryant’s revealed autopsy report suggests that the legendary NBA player’s body was found with missing lower torso. Not just that but he was also missing an arm and even a part of his skull.

Autospy picture.

The report also revealed that Kobe’s daughter and other victims in the crash were found with either very injured or completely missing body parts.

Kobe and Gigi Autopsy fans reaction:

The fans as expected have been hit by further sorrow after seeing the autopsy report.

Many have been depressed and some even claim that this will tarnish the last image of Kobe his fans would remember him by.

One Twitter user wrote, ” Stop spreading kobe and Gigi Autopsy sketches😭😭i can’t even believe this. This is terrible,”.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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