Hunter Biden, 51 who is the son of current US president Joe Biden has been involved in controversies all his life. He has been part of many scandals such as drugs, prostitutes and many more.

The photos got leaked last year but netizens are searching about this issue now as he is the son of current President of United States of America.

First we will talk about his leaked photos from a laptop which is reportedly abandoned laptop of president’s son.

First we will talk about his leaked photos in which he can be seen with ruined teeth before doing wild sexual acts with a girl.

Hunter bidden smiles while holding a girl from hair
Hunter bidden smoking.

It was said the device had hundreds of thousands of alleged text messages and emails detailing Hunter’s controversial love life, drugs addiction and family life. 

Hunter, 51, in his autobiography beautiful things told all this stuff in detail himself. 

However, he didn’t tell all details about his troubled life. He also allegedly failed to mention the conflict in his relationship with his father and how he had begged Joe Biden to go for the presidency in an attempt to save his own reputation. claimed that they verified some 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and more than 2,000 photos and tons of videos on Hunter’s laptop. 

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