Wedding is generally considered one of the happiest moments of one’s life. It is a ceremony in which a couple ties the knot, promising to stand with each other through thick and thin throughout their lives.

It’s a contract which ensures moral and emotional support between two mutually agreed people. Afterall, life is hard to pass by alone.

However, this unique relationship also produces tragedies and misfortunes at oftentimes. And they are very unpleasant.

Groom plays explicit tape of wife in wedding:

An old video from 2019 is right now going viral on social media. The video is of a wedding ceremony.

As the video begins, we see a very pleasant wedding ceremony taking place somewhere in China. Then the bride and the groom appear, holding hands and making their way towards the stage.

All the guests clap and applause this moment. Soon the get up to the stage together.

The guests come close to give them further applause and loud cheers can be heard in background.

All of a sudden, sometimes happens which is greeted by a grasp from the guests as everyone seems shocked.

A screen which is right above the stage starts to play an intimidating video of the bride with none on than her brother-in-law.

The groom pushes the bride away as the crowd sighs in shock. In response, the bride throws a banquet of flowers on the groom.

Turns out the groom choosed a unique way to expose and humiliate his soon to be wife.

Video surfaced originally in 2019:

Reports suggest that the video originally came on the scene in 2019. However, it went viral once again in 2022 as a TikToker posted this video.

The video received over 6 million views and went viral. With the audience posting sll sorts of comments in the response section. Some of them even questioned the authenticity of the video.

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