Fyb J mane killed on live:

An Instagram live session had the internet worried all of a sudden. The live session featured famous rapper Fyb J mane who was talking to another person on video call.

The video call was being streamed live on Instagram so there were audience watching it too. A lot of people are curious about the details of the incident but don’t look further, as we have gathered enough information in this article for you.

We are going to share all updates related to the incident, as well as the original live session video and the rapper’s current whearabouts, so keep reading below.

Who is Fyb J mane?

You can skip this part and cut to the next portion of the article if you already know who is this celebrity. But for those of you who would like some information on this person first, here it is.

Fyb J Mane is also known as ” mr. Incredible “. He is a renegade black disciple whose background is from Jaro city.

But mainly, he got his fame from his rap career. He is a very famous rapper in the town and got attention from fans with his track “300 dead Opps“.

He also has his own rap group now called “Fyb” which is why now he goes by the name Fyb J Mane.

Fyb J Mane killed on live video details:

You must have encountered the fuss on social media regarding Fyb J Mane live video. Actually it was just a normal live session where he was video calling another person with the audience watching.

But suddenly, something strange happened which had the audience shocked for a sec.

Gun sh0ts were heard around Fyb J Mane during the live call and suddenly his camera goes blank. At first sight, it seeme someone either shot J Mane himself or the shooting took place very close to him.

Soon after this tragedy, the person J Mane was talking too goes like “This can’t be ***king happening” “Is this for real” etc.

Also the comments section gets sprayed by incoming questions regarding the rapper’s safety and what just happened.

J Mane confirms his safety in his Instagram story:

Soon after the incident, people were very anxious to know if J Mane was still alive or not. However, he posted his update himself on his story.

Fyb J Mane.

The original video and the final word:

However, rumors are still circulating all over the internet that J mane is probably dead and the shots were fired at himself during the live.

That’s the reason people are still very curious about the incident and still wanting more updates about it.

We know many of you are curious to watch the original video as well. So here it is:

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