A zoo is an indeed worth visiting place, because of the fascination it provides to the eyes by it’s variety of animals and birds. The world’s most rare animals are kept in zoos usually in order to show them to public.

They’re brought from different places of the world solely for this purpose. The animals are also well served by the zoo keepers. However, there is a reason often animals are kept under some kind of cage or similar protection in the zoo.


It’s because some of them are beasts and wild in nature, so it’s best interest for humans to keep their wild foes in the cage so they can’t hurt them. There are also zoo safety rules which every visitor is strictly advised to follow for their own safety.

Some visitors however, take these rules for granted or either overestimate themselves, or in other words underestimate the animals. They don’t really think the animals can seriously harm them so they breach the safety protocols in order to get more close and take even better view of the wonderful animals.


If you’re one of such people and got away with it, consider yourself lucky. Because sometimes there are consequences.

Orangutan grabbing man viral video:

A similar incident occurred somewhere where the safety measurements of the zoo management weren’t taken into consideration and the result was horrific. In the recent viral video on Reddit and Twitter, a man can be seen getting a bit too close to a orangutan’s enclosure.


He was enjoying the fascinating site of the wild animal but his entertainment was short lived as the animal immediately came forward and grabbed his T-shirt. The guy is clearly panicked which is evident from his light screams.

Another person immediately comes forward to help and starts to pull the person back away from the orangutan’s cage. But the orangutan wasn’t joking around.

He quickly transitions and catches the person’s leg. The orangutan wraps his both hands and one foot around his leg strongly and at this point the victim is drowned in fear.


The helping person continues his effort to pull him away from the beast. At this moment, the ape lifts his feet off the ground and twists him. But with the continues effort of the helper, he is finally set free from the powerful grip of giant ape.

How strong are Orangutans?

After a bit of research, one comes to know that the guy was lucky not to break his leg. Because the ape has the power to tore any man to pieces. They’re powerful, muscular animals who can lift weight 3 times heavier than that of their own – around 226 kilograms.

Even though they’re not known as hunters and mostly rely on fruits and plants, they can surely take a life if they want to.

Twitter and Reddit reactions:

Audience of the viral video had mixed reactions. While many thought that the person loved his T-shirt more than his life, others argued and blamed the victim for Trespassing the safe zone.

Nevertheless, it is always advises to follow safety rules of zoo because it’s better to stay a few meters back than seriously harming yourself.

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