Picture: Freshy Dageneral Hip/Hop Rapper.

Who’s Freshy Dageneral?

DaGeneral’s real name is yet to be known as he is seen sharing very little information of his in the general public.

Picture: Freshy Dageneral Rap Hip/Hop Singer.

He is found using Freshy DaGeneral as his name on his social media platforms and publicly.

Only those who are close to him and know him in person are well-known about his real name. Hope he shares his personal details with the public very soon.

Freshy DaGeneral is a musical artist who likes to sing rap songs as his genre is Hip/Hop. Freshy started to upload his songs officially on YouTube in 2020.


OMB JAY DEE American Music Artist.

OMB Jay Dee is an American music artist and rapper known for his songs (such as ABC News, Famous and Dangerous, Rift of Wit, Boomerang, and Pain).

His songs have garnered thousands of likes and views on YouTube and are also available on several other platforms.

OMB JAY DEE Rap Artist.

OMB Jay Dee has also opened a YouTube channel with his stage name OMB Jay Dee.

Most of his songs can be found on online music sharing sites like SoundCloud and Youtube. On most of his music videos, he has garnered over a million views.

Freshy Dageneral gets caught Lackins & Jumped by OPPS:

Recently video gets viral on Twitter, it clearly can be seen famous Hip Hop Rapper Freshy Dageneral getting beat up by American Music Artist OMB JAY DEE.

Freshy Dageneral beaten.

OMB JAYDEE is with two more people’s who are involved in beating. Someone captured the video and shared on Twitter later.

Yet no official statement released by Freshy Dageneral.

Still on no more information available but TRENDS.NEWPAKWEB will inform you later by getting more authentic information about the incident that why this fight happened.

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