Charlotte Flair successfully defended her Smackdown Title.

Charlotte Flair successfully defended her Smackdown women’s championship against Ronda Rousey on night one of Wrestlemania 38.

The win did come in a controversial fashion, but Flair got the job done. However, unfortunately, the smackdown women’s champion once again suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her match against the former UFC athlete.

On the first night of WWE WrestleMania 38, American WWE Wrestler Charlotte Flair competed against Ronda Rousey when she suffered a breakdown in the ring wardrobe.

On Saturday night April 2, Flair “n!p-slipped” while lying down in the ring of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Flаir, аlso known аs Ashley Elizаbeth Fliehr, retаined her SmаckDown Women’s chаmpion title by defeаting Rousey in the penultimаte mаtch.

The moment that got the internet talking was when Flair’s b00b was completely exposed while she was on the ground. Flair has had a few nip slips throughout her career, but this was definitely the most revealing.

This wasn’t the first time that Charlotte suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Charlotte Flair had suffered a similar malfunction back in 2021 in an edition of Monday Night Raw. This week on Raw, Charlotte Flair faced Nia Jax in a singles match, and Charlotte suffered a ‘n!p-slip’ in the process.

Charlotte Flair suffered similar malfunction back in 2021.

The backstage crew were fortunately quick with their censor button. The screen blacked out when the Queen kicked out of a near fall during one of Jax’s pin attempts. This was clearly a wardrobe malfunction, which occurred once again at the end of their match.

Charlotte was lucky at that time, unlike this one at Wrestlemania 38, that no footage made it to live broadcast in spite of that being a close call.

Flair’s n!pple slipped from her outfit live on air:

WWE cameras were forced to immediately cut to black during coverage of this weekend’s Wrestlemania 38, after Charlotte Flair’s n!pple slipped from her outfit live on air.

Flair no doubt came away happy after successfully defending her WWE title against her ex-MMA star opponent.

Despite the victory, there was a slight problem for the fighter after she suffered an wardrobe malfunction partway through the fight.

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