Police say gunfire rang out during a fight at a northern Virginia mall on Saturday. Three people were hurt while fleeing though no one was sh0t.

A person fired a gun during a fight inside the Tysons Corner Center mall in Virginia Saturday afternoon, police said, sending panicked patrons and workers fleeing or taking cover in changing rooms, offices and other hiding spots.

Fairfax County police said they found no one struck by bullets, but noted multiple shots had been fired. Three people were hurt fleeing the mall.

Authorities closed the sprawling mall in one of the most populous Washington suburbs, located just off the Beltway and Chain Bridge Road. It is scheduled to reopen Sunday.

Heavily armed officers went store to store to reach people who sheltered in place, and to ensure those involved in the fracas were “no longer present.” No arrests were made, and police said detectives are reviewing video from hundreds of different angles and talking with many witnesses.

Officials didn’t announce any immediate arrests, but Police Chief Kevin Davis said at a news conference that he expected to be sharing information with the public soon about those involved.

“Know this: We will find, we will capture and we will hold accountable the persons involved in this melee, ” Davis said.

Some officers were already at the mall when reports of gunfire started coming in and other officers who were on the road were dispatched to the mall, Police Col. Brian Reilly said.

The officers rushing in as people fled the mall tried to determine whether anyone was injured and if there were any suspects or victims.

Three people were taken to local hospitals with injuries received while fleeing, but no one was injured from gunfire, Reilly said.

The shooting happened on a second-floor walkway and investigators have found evidence consistent with gunfire and shell casings, he said.

Officers cleared the mall to make sure no suspects were present and helped those who had sheltered in place, Reilly said. The mall remained closed for the remainder of the day and won’t reopen until Sunday, according to police.

Detectives are reviewing video from hundreds of cameras inside the mall to determine what happened, Reilly said. It appears that two groups of at least three people each were engaged in a fight when the shots were fired, he said.

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