Omarion’s watermelon eating brother Oryan’s video le@ked:

Twitter just got another topic to rant about and this time it’s regarding Oryan, who is the brother of famous musician Omarion. His new steamy video and photo content just got le@ked and now fans are rushing over the internet to look for it.

Oryan has certainly become an overnight sensation after this move and without any doubt has gained massive attention from online family of audience.

Omarion’s le@ked OnlyFans nud€ video:

The singer & actor made an appearance on OnlyFans which is turning out to be platform widely used by people to gain an overnight fame.

Oryan’s move to the special website OnlyFans created a lot of buzz among audience. Many discussed this action by him and as expected most speculated it was a move to get fame faster and overthrow his brother Omarion.

He made an OnlyFans account with a monthly subscription of $12 a month. It is certain that only his true devotees will pay that amount to watch and get access to his exclusive content.

Recently, he just dropped a video on OnlyFans which had the audience amazed. Oryan can ve seen literally with his d!ck in the video. He has got 938 likes on his six posts so far on OnlyFans.

Oryan’s video le@ked:

However, this wasn’t just going to stay restricted at the borders of OnlyFans. Someone le@ked his personal and membership content and shared it on Twitter. This caught the audience off guard and they were shocked to see their favorite singer & actor in this state.

As anticipated, people made hilarious and funny comments on the le@ked video of Omarion’s brother. While some thought of it as funny, others remarked that this will cause a negative influence on Oryan’s family.

Who is Omarion’s watermelon eating brother Oryan?

The 35 year old is known for songs like “going out your way” and “Jus another shoty”.

 Born on 12 February, 1987 in California, Oryan is a singer & actor who also happens to be the younger brother of R&B singer Omarion. He released his debut album in 2004. He has six siblings, a 14 year old daughter and a net worth of total $3 million.

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