The university of Arizona leaves no stone unturned when it comes to motivating their students and staff. It’s very useful as it motivates all stakeholders of the university to work harder and get over their hectic routine.

However, theme songs has been a norm normally used for events such as sports tournaments. They’re also widely used by sports team with each team making their own song.

Even other organizations such as NGOs and Armed forces are tending to make more and more theme songs and it’s a common way nowadays to proclaim their moto to the public. Even TV shows and serials sometimes have OSTs.

However, it’s a little rare for the educational institutions to opt for this tradition. University of Arizona however is breaking stereotypes and they’ve made their own fight theme song.

The song is very famous and motivational. “Fight! Wildcats! Fight!” is their official song. The song is even described as the official moto of the university. We’ll provide you with the link to the song as well as the lyrics below:


Hail Arizona Wildcats
Fighting for old UA. 
A raging team of Wildcats
Growling for the fray
There’s not a team can stop them
When the ball goes into play
So Fight! Team! 
Fight with all your might
And win today. Fight Wildcats, Fight for
We’re with you ever staunch
And true
This day we hail you and we
cheer you
They can’t defeat the Red
And Blue
Circle the ends and crash
Through center
Hit hard and gain on ev’ry play
Fight Wildcats! 
Fight! Fight! Fight! 
We’ll win today

They’ve also written a new song after 23 years of Fight! Wildcats! Fight! Known as “Bear down Arizona”.


Bear Down Arizona
Words and Music by Jack Lee
Bear Down, Arizona
Bear Down, red and Blue
Bear Down, Arizona Hit ’em hard, let ’em know who’s who;
Bear Down, Arizona
Bear Down, Red and Blue
Go, go, Wildcats, go; 
Arizona, Bear Down

Video Songs:

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