Social media is slowly becoming a breeding house for all sorts of sc@ndals and c0ntroversies. It has even become a tool for blackmailing and spam.

No personal information is too safe anymore since every person got access to the internet and a smart phone.

The celebrities however, are the strongest v!ctims of this trend of private content leak!ng. This includes all actors, singers and TV stars.

This time, another star from the music industry fell a prey to this trend. Tyler J, an Atlanta based rapper has become the spotlight of social media after his personal expl!cit video g0t le@ked.

People are now searching for his name all over the internet, but specially on Twitter. Twitter is a social media giant and it seems every new le@ked Information first appears here before going to other platforms like Reddit and Facebook.

Who is Tyler J?

Tyler J is an Atlanta based rapper. Justin Tyler Ellingwood was born on 27 March, 1993. He is quite famous in Atlanta and he is basically considered a “meme rapper”.

He has around 78K followers on Instagram. His username on Instagram is @hiphop__tylerj.

Tyler J leaked video:

Tyler J has been recently exp0sed on social media after a clip featuring him went viral on the internet.

Soon after the video g0t le@ked, netizens rushed onto Twitter and Reddit to watch the original video. Tyler J can be seen doing very inappropriate actions in this video.

It is not advised to watch the video specially if you’re an underage. Such content should be discouraged at all platforms and this trend needs to be stopped.

We also assume that many people le@k their videos on purpose so to gain overnight fame.

Tyler J exposed video explained:

In his le@ked video on the internet which everyone seems to be interested in right now, Tyler J can be seen doing some adu!t stuff.

He is literally n@ked in the video and he is sh0wing his d!ck in the camera. Not only that, he is also rubb!ng his pr!vate b@by maker.

The video has made many people uneasy who have watched it. While others have found it funny and they’ve shared it further with their friends.

Who has shared the video or how it got public still remains a mystery. We have also not heard anything from Tyler J so far about his new sc@ndal.

We hope to get more updates soon. So stay tuned.

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