Since the internet became common in every household, fame is no more limited to just TV actors. A lot of people have been given a fantastic platform to showcase their talent to the whole world. Now you can be anyone but can get famous with your talent and little bit of luck.

Who is Pumping Mnky?

One of the genres YouTube created with it’s overgrowing popularity was pranks. While pranksters can make a few people angry, no one can deny they provide a significant amount of entertainment to a certain fanbase.

Making people laugh is not bad while staying in limits. Pumping Mnky gained popularity on social media specially in Germany through his comedy skills. He describes himself as a professional social media influencer, blogger and comedian. With his impressive and attractive content he has gained 75,000 followers on Instagram.

Pumping Mnky and Zeigt Schwanz leaked inappropriate video:

Social media users have been breaking their keyboards searching for Pumping Mnky’s leaked video with Zeigt Schwanz. Word circulating is that it contains very inappropriate material.

Even though the details of the video are not present on the internet at the moment but Pumping’s fans who’ve seen it are very angry and disappointed at him. Neitizens have been searching for the original video everywhere but at the moment it’s no where to be found.

Rumors claim that it contains some sort of inappropriate pictures and clips. We are also trying our best to get the maximum information possible for our beloved readers and we’ll be sharing with you guys asap so stay tuned for more updates.

Who is Zeigt Schwanz?

People have been searching for where abouts of Zeigt Schwanz too since his name emerged as a part of controversy about Pumping’s new viral video. Surely this guy has gotten fame overnight.

However, details on this personality are currently not available anywhere. His name has been revealed but we’re still looking for more information on this dude. Stay tuned so we can inform you about the latest updates asap.

About Twitter Profile:

The YouTuber’s official Twitter profile has yet to be confirmed. He is mainly active on Instagram, sharing photos and lifestyle ideas with his followers on a daily basis.

It’s also possible that the video leak is just a rumor circulating on social media. We will update the latest facts here soon.

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