Keyla Sanchez had an accident on Route 27.

Presenter Keyla Sánchez suffers an accident this morning on Route 27. The presenter Keyla Sánchez Granados suffered a traffic accident early this Thursday, March 31, on Route 27 (which connects San José with Caldera), when she was driving her vehicle.

A video taken seconds after the accident involving Kayla Sanchez shows the seriousness of the incident that took place on Route 27 earlier this Thursday.

The presenter crashed on one of the toll entrances on Route 27. The car was completely destroyed. The accident was reported around 2:00 pm when the communicator left an activity in which she shared with several friends.

She was on her way home when she lost control and crashed into the wall.

The medical center where the presenter Keyla Sanches is confirmed that she is stable.

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