Incident background:

Kenyans have been constantly demanding apprehend of Boda Boda riders since a devastating video emerged on the internet.

A lady could be seen harassed and physically assaulted mercilessly by a group of bikers. The video immediately sparked outrage on the internet and netizens have been demanding immediate arrest of the culprits.

Forest road video:

 the viral video, bikers of boda boda could be clearly seen bullying a female driver. The bikers pulled over her car and forced her to stop and engage with them. Then the group took advantage of her.

They allegedly even touched her private parts and assaulted her physically. The helpless female driver can be seen crying and screaming for help and begging them for mercy but the heartless bullies are not listening at all.

Why the incident happened?

There were certain assumptions going around to why the lady got this treatment from the group. Some speculated that the group was just a bunch of robbers who tried to rob her.

Another thought could be they were just sexual harassers and they just randomly took advantage of her.

However, the real reason behind the whole incident has been released. The bikers claim that the lady caused an accident recently in which a rider of boda boda was involved.

So they took this opportunity to stop and behave inappropriately with the young lady for taking revenge. The fresh development in the case says that the lady was responsible for an accident of a boda boda rider.

Police takes action:

The police after the pressure of public from social media was forced to take action. The video went viral on all social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube.

It sparked a massive outrage by netizens and immediately everyone was calling for the arrest of culprits.

Finally, 16 members of the group who were part of the incident were apprehended and reportedly  5 bikes have been seized by the officials for having a connection with the horrific incident. The riders even tried to destroy her vehicle and rape her.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i stated that he has been shocked and distressed after watching the viral video of a young girl being molested by the riders on the Forest road.

Stay tuned for further updates on the event.

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