Benny The Butcher exposes Freddie Gibbs girlfriend.

Freddie Gibbs recently exposed Benny The Butcher’s father as a police officer. In turn, Benny The Butcher shared an explicit video of Freddie Gibbs’ girlfriend.

On Thursday (Aug. 25), Benny upped the ante on the drama by posting photos on Twitter of Gangsta Gibbs‘ partner.

The first photo shows the woman l!cking the top of Freddie Gibbs’ bald head. The second photo shows the same woman giving a man fellati0.

You gotta be careful,” Benny The Butcher captioned the scandalous spread. “She’ll put that tongue anywhere.”

Freddie Gibbs has since responded to the taunt, appearing to confirm the woman in the explic!t photo is indeed the woman he is seeing.

“Oh yeah fam I knew my girl did p0rn when I met her,” Freddie wrote on his Instagram Story. “Y’all some detectives tho. Try again champ.”

“U wish yo wife was this bad fam I seen her she ain’t it,” Freddie added in a follow-up post.

Freddie Gibbs’ girlfriend has even appeared to respond to the latest smear attempt from Benny.

Seemingly unfazed, she shared a censored version of the photos Benny posted along with the caption, “Thanks @getbenny I was wondering where all those new subscribers were coming from 😘.”

The Griselda rapper posted a photo on on August 25th of Gibb’s former p0rn star girlfriend giving 0ral s€x, He also posted another photo l!cking Freddie Kane’s d0me.

Earlier this year, Freddie Gibbs began dating TheFitMami. Those who are aware of TheFitMami knows what her profession was, prior to her getting involved with Freddie Gibbs.

What Benny The Butcher put out was something most people are already familiar with. As a result, TheFitMami ended up giving Benny a shout out for sharing the video. She said she was wondering where all the followers were coming from.

TheFitMami thanks Benny The Butcher for sharing her private video.

Benny The Butcher Takes Another Shot At Freddie Gibbs:

“@FreddieGibbs You gotta be careful… She’ll put tht tongue anywhere,” Benny tweeted.

Since then the tweet has gained over 2,000 likes however, Gibbs seems to be brushing off the diss given the fact that he was already well aware of his girlfriends former adu!t film content.

“Oh yeah fam I knew my girl did p0rn when I met her. Y’all some detectives tho. Try again champ @getBenny,” Gibbs responded. “U wish yo wife was this bad fam I seen her she ain’t it!”

Gibbs’ girlfriend who is famously known as The Fit Miami online, also brushed off the diss and even thanked him for the exposure giving the fact that it upped her Onlyfans subscribers as well as her Instagram followers.

Thanks @getbenny I was wondering where all those new subscribers were coming from,” she wrote.

Past incident between Gibbs and Benny:

The beef between Benny and Gibbs’ was refueled earlier this week when the Buffalo native posted a video on social media featuring his chains alongside one of Freddie Gibbs’ chains.

The chain was possibly snatched during the brawl between the two earlier this year in May in Buffalo at a Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

Benny followed up the post, taunting Gibbs’ by wearing his snatched chain and dissing him in a series of clips.

“Ayo, MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. That’s what got your head punched in the first time,” he said. “Talking about shit you ain’t have nothing to do with. Real shit. N-ggas dragged you by your chain. N-ggas took this [chain] off your bitch neck. You pussy, n-gga.

“MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, you been getting ran down on n-ggas for the past year without a gun. You a bitch. MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, n-ggas punched yo head all in had you fucking lumped up with stitches all in yo shit for running your mouth like you doing now. Remember that? Then you went next day and bought that cheap-ass Cartier watch.”

The two first began exchanging disses back and forth on social media in March, which led to Gibbs and Benny’s crew getting involved in a physical altercation in May while Freddie was in Buffalo on tour.

Fans are making fun of both Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs:

Stay tuned for more updates.

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