Hello netizens, a video of social media sensation Anne Bagu alongside famous singer and rapper has taken the internet by storm since last few days. The video features the two public Romanian stars and it is one of the most searched videos on the internet since last few days.

So far, only a few people have been able to get their hands on the original video while others are still madly looking for the clip. If you are too, well you’re just at the right place. Keep reading the article if you want to watch the original video, we are going to save you the trouble of searching any further.

But first of all, let’s take a look at who these two personalities are why they were so important that their one video was able to take the social media by storm.

Who is Anne Bagu?

Anne Bagu’s name is one of the most searched names on the internet since past few days and she has become one of the top trending names on the internet giant websites such as Twitter.

As far as who is she is concerned, Anne Bagu is a famous Romanian dancer alongside a social media influencer who has some serious number of social media following. She is known for producing and posting hot content on her social media and as a result she has gained around 115,000 followers on her Instagram as of now.

The number is only increasing daily after her current private video got viral and there is an expected increase in her social media following in the coming days.

Who is Petre Stefan?

The second person who featured in the leaked photos and video alongside Anne Bagu is Petre Stefan. Jusf like Bagu, Stefan is also a very famous Romanian artist, singer anf a band member.

The band is known for igniting people’s hearts through their exciting and chilling rap songs. Petre Stefan’s band has gained most followers from the native youth.

‘Cartela’, ‘Ana Sandid Mazl N3Ich’, and ‘Lux’ are some of their most super-hit songs.

But Stefan is no more just a rapper or a singer. Alongside with his art, he is also running a very popular YouTube channel. His content certainly attracts youth and public and that’s exactly why he has around 67 thousand active subscribers on his channel.

The trend of celebrities using YouTube as their second home is becoming more and more common since past few years. Petre Stefan also has a very vast following on his Instagram with a whooping number of 155,000 followers.

Anne Bagu and Petre Stefan’s relationship:

There is no official statement talking about a potential relationship between the two personalities but rumors have been going around the internet that they are both dating each other for quite some time now. This perception has only Increased since the recent leaked video of Anne Bagu and Petre Stefan.

Anne Bagu and Petre Stefan’s viral video:

The viral video of two Romanian superstars has been making headlines on the internet’s most popular websites like Twitter and Reddit for few days now. It seems like almost every second person is searching for the video and those who have it or have seen it are holding it like a precious treasure.

It is apparent that the video is not easy to find on the internet and hence netizens are putting their heads in every corner of the web to find the clip. It is an ongoing word that the video is shot at the moment when the two stars were spending the quality private time together.

The video certainly contains some inappropriate content or adult stuff between Anne Bagu and Petre Stefan and that’s exactly why the censored video is not easy to find right now on social media websites or YouTube. But people are not giving up and continuing their struggle for the video.

We are making keen efforts to get our hands on the video and will post it as soon as possible. Ofcourse we can’t post it as it is because it contains some censored stuff in it. But we will be doing the best we can.

Stay tuned for further updates and scroll below for similar articles.

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