Memphis Sh00ting Twitter Video

A new row of sh00tings in the town of Memphis, Tennessee has sparkes terr0r among the residents of Memphis.

If you’re still not aware about what happened in Tennessee, about time you should read this article.

A teenager named Kelly has been guilty of broadcasting sh00tings of innocent citizens live on Facebook. We have seen similar cr!mes happening in the past too so surprisingly this isn’t even new.

It is quite scary how this new trend of streaming hinious crimes live on Facebook and other similar social media is becoming common and common in the world of crimes.

You guys must be aware of sh00tings in a mosque by a white supremacist in Christchurch, New Zealand a couple years back. The tragedic incident this time is not so different either.

Memphis Shooting Twitter Video Explained

If you’re looking for the sh00ting videos streamed by the k!ller in Memphis, admin will provide you all the necessary information and links to find them.

However, we must enlighten you first that there isn’t just one video. Because the teenage m*rderer named Kelly has shot multiple people at different locations and on different timings.

He streamed each sh00ting live on Facebook saperately. Admin is going to provide you with the complete list of sh00ting events with their details and timings below.

Memphis Shooting Details

According to Memphis police department, there are about 7 genuine v!ctims of Kelly. Among which 4 are de@d and 3 are reported w0unded seriously.

The police also revealed that Kelly has had charges on him in the past and he was sentenced to prison for three years. However, he only served 11 months and got freed.

The sh00tings happened just after 6 months of his release, which also raises a question mark on credibility of relaxation criteria for pr!son sentences. Because if Kelly was to serve all 3 years, the four families wouldn’t be suffering today.

Kelly was finally arrested in a car chase by the police with no extra damage done.

However, throughout the day the Memphis police had strictly instructed the citizens of Memphis to stay indoors for their safety. But fortunately, the horror finally came to an end. Earlier, police had also released a photo of Kelly in order to warn the citizens.

Memphis Shooting Twitter Video

If you’re looking for the original videos of sh00tings, you might have to use important keywords in order to find them.

Because they were of course inappropriate to watch for general public so the social media giant immediately flagged and removed them.

But admin is searching for the clips and will share soon. So stay tuned.

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