Who is Vanessa Raval?

Vanessa Raval famous social media star.

She is well known for her TikTok videos, for being an actress and a social media influencer.

Vanessa Raval has thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Vanessa Raval is the daughter of famous veteran Filipino Jeric Raval.

Vanessa Raval father Jeric Raval.

Her mother is also veteran Filipino actress of entertainment industry in the 90’s.

Vanessa Raval is also quite active on TikTok and shares a lot of fun videos of her dancing, singing and acting.

Her smartphone is her favourite tool.

Vanessa Raval Viral leaked Video Detail

Vanessa Raval viral video is trending on social media.The famous TikTok girl Vanessa Raval is making headlines after her video allegedly getting leaked on Twitter.

Vanessa Raval viral.

As we know that celebrities remain in headlines for their private life, similarly Vanessa Raval is in headlines for her viral video.

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