Nowadays, fame is gained by sharing someone’s video.Thatgurlgg also shared Santosogerio “Maggot” videos to gain fame . Santosogerio “Maggots” video has been very popular on Google for the last few days.

Image Source: Twitter

Why did Twitter suspend Thatgurlgg1 account:

Thatgurlgg twitter user shared Santosogerio “Maggots” vulgur video, just to gain fame.So when, thatgurlgg1 shared Santosogerio “Maggots” video on his twitter page, soon a lot of people started following him and his account became very popular.

But the video thatgurlgg shared on his Twitter account was not worth watching at all. Twitter reacted quickly and suspended thatgurlgg1 account.

Image source via Twitter

Twitter users harsh reaction against thatgurlgg1 shared video of Santosogerio “Maggots”:

One person told him to delete it immediately, “Get out, delete your account.Leave”.

Other person wrote, ” why do these people exist”.

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