[Earthquake Early Warning] The moment of the eruption of Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea! Eruption Cause Specific Volcanic Ash Large-scale Eruption Tsunami Meteorological Agency.

Image source via Twitter

A large-scale eruption with a height of about 15,000 meters occurred at Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea, South Pacific, at about 6:50 pm Japan time on the 8th. The Japan Meteorological Agency announced at 7:50 that it is investigating the existence of a tsunami in Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that the eruption of a submarine volcano in the Tonga Islands on January 15 has caused a rise in tide levels in Japan, and for the time being, a large-scale eruption with a height of more than 15,000 meters overseas. In the event of a major eruption, we are taking measures to call attention within two hours.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, repeated eruptions have been confirmed, including the eruption of Manam volcano in October last year. If a normal tsunami caused by an earthquake occurs in this area, the arrival time to the Izu-Ogasawara Islands is expected to be around 11:00. However, if an unusual tide level change occurs due to the eruption, the estimated arrival time is unknown. (Hidemasa Yoshizawa).

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