Humans have been attacked widely by the giant apes. Being about 4 times stronger and bigger than them explains why. However, many people didn’t know that chimpanzees can be dangerous animals until Travis the chimp story made a sensation on the internet.

Scientists take on chimpanzees being wild:

The chimpanzees have attacked humans in pretty much all situations including in the wild, while being a pet and while being visited in the zoo.

Scientists have claimed that they’ve witnessed chimpanzees “killing and eating” Gorillas. Researches think that the reason could be climate change and dwindling food supply.

Who is Travis the chimp (chimpanzee)?

Travis was born on 21 October, 1995. He was a male common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Travis was an animal actor who featured in many TV shows including commercial ads of Pepsi, The Maury Povich Show and The Man Show. Travis was killed by a police officer on February 16, 2009 after he attacked a female in Stamford, Connecticut.

Travis the chimpanzee’s viral brutal attack:

Charla Nash, a woman of 50 visited her friend Sandra Harold who happens to be the “owner” of Travis the chimp in Stamford, Connecticut.

Well Charla’s visit didn’t turn out to be a happy friends get together because something unexpected was waiting for her.

Travis who weighed more than “200 pounds” ferociously attacked and pounced at her. The 50 year old tried to defend herself but her resistance was no match for the powerful animal.

Travis ripped her hand off with his giant primate teet, and then proceeded to maul her lips, eyes, eyelids and nose.

When rescue teams arrived at the scene, very little was left of her brutally attacked face. Later the doctors had to reattach her jaw.

Sandra picked up a kitchen knife and had to mercilessly stab her own pet whom she raised with love and care to save her friend.

The stabbing was somehow not enough to slow down the chimpanzee and when the cops arrived at the scene, angry Travis barred his bloody fangs before the officers while trying to open their car’s door when one of the officers finally shot him dead.

Charla later had to go through several surgeries and complex medical procedures to reconstruct her face.

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