A Toronto Maple Leafs fan was caught on camera beating another fan in the stands at the team’s home game on Thursday night.

The fight allegedly went down during Thursday’s Maple Leafs game against the Washington Capitals game at Scotiabank Arena in Canada.

The scuffle at Scotiabank Arena escalated when the assailant, wearing a John Tavares Leafs jersey, stepped out of his seat and slapped another man twice in the face, breaking his glasses, a graphic video posted on Twitter.

The man on top delivers at least two punches to the face … appearing to break the man’s eyegl*es, while other fans attempt to stop the violence.

Toronto Maple Leafs fan fought a fellow fan during a recent game.

“Don’t f—king touch me. I’ll f—king k!ll you,” the man says in the clip as spectators hold his arms back while he’s still on top of the helpless victim.

“I’ll f—king k!ll you,” he repeats twice more.

“I’m not a fighter but don’t f—king touch me,” the attacker says to other fans.

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